18 Home Remedies and a recipe that may help you survive flu season

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It’s that time of the year. Sore throats, the sound of sneezing and coughing around every corner. Flu season. If you don’t wish to spend a lot of money on medication or you wish to explore alternative healing methods or aids, allow us to delve into 18 home remedies that may help fight the flu.

  1. Gargling a bit of salt water may help a sore throat.
  2. A warm beverage like tea may help relieve stuffiness caused by the flu.
  3. Take a hot, steamy bath or shower.
  4. Adding an extra pillow when you sleep can help congested passages in your nose.
  5. Consume loads of Vitamin C.
  6. A slice or two of rag ginger root boiled in water may soothe a cough or sore throat.
  7. Honey and lemon tea is also a way to ease a sore throat as honey has a variety of antibacterial properties.
  8. Adding a bit of garlic to your diet might reduce the harshness of some cold symptoms. Consuming garlic throughout the winter season may just help you avoid getting the flu all together according to some research.
  9. Enjoy a bowl of yogurt to consume your dose of probiotics. Probiotics keep your gut and immune system healthy.
  10. Wearing slightly wet socks to bed at night can help ease a fever and clear congestion through drawing blood to the feet and increasing blood circulation.
  11. Another way you may be able to improve blood flow and relieve congestion is by soaking your feet in a mustard footbath. Simply mix 1 tablespoon of mustard powder in 1 litre hot water.
  12. Eat a small amount of grated horseradish and gingerroot to aid an upset stomach and serious congestion.
  13. Adding 3 or so drops or oregano oil to a bit of water and swirling it around your mouth promotes sweating and may help bring down a fever.
  14. Stay hydrated.
  15. Enjoy a bowl of your favourite chicken soup to help you feel better.
  16. Spread a little eucalyptus oil on a tissue and hold it close to your mouth and nose to promote flu relief.
  17. A day or two spent in your PJs and sleeping could do the world of good.
  18. Make your own essential oil bath salt for a soothing bath:

6 drops of tea tree oil

3 drops of eucalyptus oil

2 drops of lavender oil

1 cup of Epsom salt

2 tablespoons of liquid oil like olive or grapeseed oil

A glass jar

  • Mix the essential oils with the liquid oil
  • Pour the mixture over the Epsom salt in your jar
  • Stir thoroughly, making sure that all of the salt is covered
  • Add a tablespoon of this mixture to your bath and enjoy a relaxing, soothing bath

The above mentioned remedies should not necessarily be seen as a cure to flu but merely creative ways that may relieve some of its symptoms. If your symptoms progress, we do urge you to consult a medical professional.


Do you have any creative flu fighting tips to share with us?


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