10 Ways you can get festive with your diet

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If you ask us, the best part about the festive season is the food. Roast… Christmas pudding… Don’t worry, you can still enjoy the festive season fully, you just need to eat smart. Here are a few ways you can get festive with your diet.

  1. Don’t worry about it: When you’re under stress, maintaining healthy eating habits can be difficult. The festive season is a time to get, well, festive so don’t let stress about all of the food and cooking for everyone get you down.
  2. Add some lemon: Studies have shown that increasing the acidity level of your food can lower the glycaemic load of your food. There are loads of nice recipes you can try with some lemon or vinegar.
  3. Chew: If the meal is tasty, savour the flavour by chewing your food more slowly. The longer you take to eat your food, the fuller you will feel.
  4. Soluble fibre: Foods such as oatmeal, lentils, apples, strawberries, nuts etc. contains soluble fibre that will keep you fuller for longer.
  5. Go dry for the evening: If you’re going to be enjoying a drink, opt for the driest drinks such as dry red or white wine as they are lower in calories.
  6. Keep snacks at arm’s length: The tip may sound silly but not standing too close to the snack table at a party will deter your hand from wandering over to the chip bowl.
  7. Don’t do your Christmas shopping on an empty stomach: The food court at a mall is full of temptations. Instead, enjoy a filling snack or sandwich before hitting the mall. This way the cafés and dairy shops won’t be able to take advantage of your hunger pains.
  8. Keep mints close by: After a delicious meal, pop a mint in your mouth. The feeling of your fresh palate may keep you from reaching for another tempting bite.
  9. Eat from smaller plates: Eating from a smaller plate or bowl will help you manage your portion sizes. According to a study conducted at the Food and Brand Lab at Cornell University, nutrition experts found that they served themselves 31% more ice cream in an oversized bowl as opposed to a smaller bowl.
  10. Tall, skinny glasses are so elegant and sensible: Pour your festive drinks into skinny glasses. Studies at Cornell have revealed that people are more likely to pour 30% more liquid into bigger glasses.
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